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for film & video productions under 1M

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Who do we serve?

Directors & Producers

Juggling competing priorities can be taxing. Wizardy will simplify decisions and empower you to focus on what matters.

Independent Filmmakers

Feature-length, short, or commercial, Wizardy will support your budgeting needs for productions with budgets up to 1M.

YouTube Video Creators

Let us handle the boring stuff (like calculating cast & crew costs) so you can focus on what you love – creating great content.

Why they love Wizardy Budgets?

Saves Time

Faster to budget, easier to breakdown, intuitive budgeting and automatic suggestions.

Tracks Costs

We help you save money by tracking every penny and work with your bank transactions.

It’s User Friendly

Our system is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s easy to use and highly collaborative.

Budgeting For The First Time

Budgeting For The First Time

Do you want to be a line producer? Are you budgeting for the first time? Here, I shared a few questions to ask when you are estimating the costs of an idea, a creative treatment, or a script.

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Some cool features

features that you deserve



It is online. It is shareable. 2 People can edit in same time. Or 3… Or more…

Invite your Production Manager, invite your Production Coordinator, and edit, change, revise together in real time.


Budgeting tool that works with the way you think. It adapts you, not the other way around.

Almost like a production partner that completes your sentences.


As you breakdown and budget, everything you add gets calculated and reflected on the front page, automatically organized and sorted by departments. 

Crafted by a producer 

← This guy

O.Z. Ozmen, Line Producer and budgeting wizard, has worked with famous stars and influencers and line produces for commercials and top brands. In the last few years, OZ has managed a feature film, produced an award-winning short film, produced for Awesomeness, DreamWorksTV, Blossom and SoYummy. He has worked with world-renowned brands like Sesame Street, Disney, Ford, Lexus, DreamWorks, Turkish Airlines, Universal Studios to name a few.

Check him out, here is his website.