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IATSE – DGA – SAG-AFTRA Covid 19 Guidelines Are Here

IATSE, together with SAG-AFTRA and DGA and health officials, submitted the following guidelines for the reopening of film, tv and video productions while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Let’s Make Some Physical Things Digital

COVID-19 is affecting every part of our lives and pushing all businesses towards digital transformation. I wanted to explore how we can make some physical things transformed into digital in entertainment production.

Budgeting For The First Time

Do you want to be a line producer? Are you budgeting for the first time? Here, I shared a few questions to ask when you are estimating the costs of an idea, a creative treatment, or a script.

Lionsgate’s Safety Guidelines

Lionsgate Motion Picture group just released its ‘New Production Safety Guidelines.’  The guideline focuses on 4 main steps: Distance, Sanitation, Enforcement and Change.

Guideline for Film & Video Production During COVID- 19

We need a guideline for film & video production during Covid-19 before we have medication, vaccination, and enough tests available. I started it and now it is a Google Doc, open to comments by industry safety experts and crew members.

Restarting Film & Video Production (COVID-19)

The entertainment industry has been majorly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and 2.3 Million+ people in the US who used to work are now unemployed. We have a responsibility rethink how to do production safely and restart soon.

My Resource Management Triangle

Producers’ job is to manage the available resources to accomplish the creative vision. As someone who likes breaking things to its components, today, I would like to break down what I consider as “resources”.

Minimalist Approach to Video Production During Pandemic

Film & video production needs cast & crew members working together in close proximity with one another. However, current conditions doesn’t allow that. Is there a way we can still produce content?

Simple Script Breakdown For Budget Estimation

Budgeting an idea and getting an accurate estimation of costs, starts with understanding the vision from the ‘budget’ perspective by breaking down the script to its elements. This post I explained a simple version of a script breakdown.

Hello World! I present to you Wizardy!

Welcome to my website. In the following months, while I’m developing software to revolutionize film & video budgeting, I’ll be providing you with tips and tricks for your budgeting your film & video productions.