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A Guide to Film & Video Production Insurance II – Terminology & Checklist

A line producer thinks not “if a bad situation happens” but thinks “when a bad situation happens.” Having production insurance is crucial to protecting your people and you. Here is a guide for Insurance terminology and a helpful checklist.

Don’t Forget Producer’s E&O Insurance in Your Budget!

It is crucial to consider film producer’s E&O insurance when putting together your film/TV project budgets. In this post, we explained the importance of E&O insurance with lawsuit examples.

How to Cut a Film’s Production Budget Without Butchering the Story

Learn the easiest ways to lower your film’s production budget without having to sacrifice the integrity and quality of your hard work.

A Guide to Film & Video Production Insurance I

While it may not seem as exciting as shooting scenes or hiring actors, having a film production insurance cover is crucial. What is this insurance cover? How much does it cost? Find out in this handy guide!

The Best US Cities in 2021 for Film and TV Production (besides NY and LA)

Everyone knows that LA and NY are hot spots for the film and television industries. But many other U.S. cities offer great opportunities for film and tv production. Here are some of the best locations (and tax incentives) in the country for filming.

How to Get Funding for a Movie

You can’t shoot a film without funding! Find out how to get funding for a movie from various sources, and information on how to apply here!

What I Learned From My First Successful Kickstarter

When Corona hit, I realized us creatives finally have the mythical time to work on passion projects (correction: after about a month of being useless). As I write these passion projects, I’m also thinking back on the lessons I learned from a successful crowdfunding campaign I was a part of.

How To Get More Out Of Your Post Budget

You’ve made your way through pre-pro, crushed it on set, and now it’s time to finish your video or film! Here’s how to run Post smoothly and keep costs under control.

COVID-19 and Film & Video Production II – Compliance Officer & Health Safety Supervisor Certificates

In order to restart the production in a pre-vaccine, COVID-19 world, we have a new position that oversees health and safety – the ‘COVID-19 Compliance Officer or Health & Safety Supervisor’. Here are the courses and my class notes.

COVID-19 and Film & Video Production I – Guidelines & Protocols

I gathered some of the guidelines and protocols to present a way to continue film & video production during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but these documents are a good start.